Wednesday, January 25, 2006
21 Days to a Clutter-Free Home
I read a post today at Keeping the Home about decluttering in 21 days. It was inspired by this article at Making It Home Magazine . I'm always up for decluttering as it is the one major frustration in my life. I try not to let it get to me but I know that it is a weakness for me and I really want to change. I want to simplify and organize so that it is easier to keep my home tidy and pleasant and so that I can easily lay my hands on anything I need instead of having to rummage through boxes or piles of clothing.
I sometimes find it hard to get started because as much as I dislike the clutter in my home I am also a bit of a perfectionist so I would rather have something done well and completely than do it half way. Kind of counterproductive I know. I need to work on that. Slow and steady wins the race.
I figure if a job's worth doing it's worth doing properly.

I found this quiz at the "More Hours in My Day" website.
Take this simple test to help you determine your level of organization and how much work you have ahead of you:

At this moment do you know where your car keys are? - Yes
Could you find your most recent tax returns in five minutes or less? - Yes
Do you know where your children’s birth certificates and shot records are? - Yes
Could you find a receipt for office supplies purchased two months ago? - No
Is the sink free of dirty dishes? - No
Are there three or more piles of paper anywhere in your home? -Yes
Could you at a quick glance give me a subtotal of credit card receipts for the previous month? - Yes
Do you have a current list of service names and phone numbers and could you retrieve it in less than three minutes? - No
Have your bills for the month all been paid on time? - Yes
Do you open and sort your mail the day it arrives? - No

Eight or more “yes” answers – You are very organized.
Six to eight “yes” answers – You could use a tune-up.
Four to six “yes” answers – It’s jungle in there.
Less than four “yes” answers – You need a complete overhaul.

Although I scored "6" I would say I lean toward the "It's a jungle in there" description. Ack!

Wednesday, January 25th will be considered "Day 1". My husband will be going away for a course soon so hopefully by the time he returns he will see a definite improvement in our home.
Now to decide where to start...


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