Sunday, May 07, 2006
Downsizing and reorganizing
I am on a mission to get our apartment under control. We have collectively accumulated a lot of stuff, not all of it in regular use or with a useful purpose. I am trying to weed out what we have so that I can have a garage sale in a couple of weeks along with my sister. I am determined to cut the clutter and get as organized as possible before I start to get really pregnant looking so that if we do end up moving to our new home in the fall it won't be a huge undertaking. I am planning to pack up the large majority of my books this week as I just don't really have the time for much reading right now. I will also pack up most of our VHS tapes as we rarely watch them. I have been sorting through my clothing and have got rid of a few garbage bags full already and still have more to go. I want to keep only clothing that looks good on me and that I feel good in and also things that won't be out of style next year once the baby has been born.
In my previous post I mentioned the living room closet. I am also planning to tackle the dining room closet. It hosts all of our towels and sheets as well as miscellaneous household items and decorative items not in use. It needs to be edited and reorganized so that if the doors are left open Hendrik will not hurt himself on the contents. I also plan to stash all of our board games inside there as well as they were shifted from the living closet reno.
That's what I'm up to for now. I am off to take some before pictures so that I can show you the transformation(s).


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