Tuesday, March 27, 2007
A Change of Plans...

Guess what? You never will so I'll tell ya...hubby, kids and I are going caribou hunting for the rest of the week - hooray! Dwayne was going to go on his own but he would be gone for about 4 days and he didn't want to leave me alone. I didn't mind him going but I don't sleep as well when he's not home so he talked me into going along. :) It should be fun. It's been years since I've slept outside in a tent in winter. Right now we're trying to track down an appropriate sized wall tent to borrow. (For those of you who are wondering a wall tent is a canvas tent that has been constructed with a hole in the roof so you can stick a small woodstove inside.) I suddenly have an awful lot to do this afternoon - grocery shopping, laundry, packing, and getting hunting tags.
I guess my cleaning and reorganizing will have to wait until after the hunting trip. Along with that nice hot bath...
See you when we get back!

Note: We've decided not to bother with the wall tent. We figure it'll be a lot simpler just to sleep in the back of our Astro van. We'll only put in one row of back seats and then take that out when we get to there so we've got room to sleep.


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