Tuesday, March 13, 2007
How to traumatize your child for life...
Our little guy really used to like brushing his teeth. He LOVED the toothpaste and the first chance he got he would slurp it off the brush and swallow it. For some reason unbeknownst to us he started fighting us brushing his teeth a couple of months ago. We didn't force the issue too much. He doesn't eat tons of sugary things so we figured if he misses a day here and there its not the end of the world. We even bought him a couple of fun battery powered toothbrushes to use. He used them occasionally but we were still mystified by his switch from not minding brushing his teeth to abhorring the process. Tonight we found out why. After the usual protestations we got the toothbrush in his mouth a few times and then I gave it to him to try himself. He wanted to brush his little sister's teeth. I didn't allow this as she is only 3 months old and has no teeth! However, I said he could try brushing my teeth - ugh. It was terrible. The baby toothpaste must have gone rancid. The toothpaste which he once loved now was the most horrible tasting stuff you have ever tried. Ick. I checked both tubes we had of the stuff. Both bad, both gross. The poor kid! No wonder he didn't like getting his teeth brushed anymore. We felt so bad. We never even thought to check the toothpaste. I think tomorrow the little guy and I will make a special trip to the drugstore to get him the flashiest little kids' toothpaste we can find, partly as compensation and partly to try to detraumatize the dental hygeine experience. Poor baby!


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