Monday, May 28, 2007
It has been an interesting week or so. I haven't done a whole lot but I feel like I've been on the go non-stop. Our 5 month old is teething and our 2 year old is trying really hard to obey. We've been battling it out this week. There is proof that he does listen to what I say though. On Thursday he started saying, "Obey Mom. Obey Mom." Hmmn. Guess what my refrain has been this week?

On Saturday we were reading stories in the "man chair" (my husband's recliner) when the little guy cuddled into my shoulder and said for the first time, "Love, love." Awww.....I love that boy!! He frustrates me to no end when he's acting up but he can also be the sweetest boy.

This week I hope to be more productive and feel less frazzled. Here's hoping that it works out!

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At 12:59 PM, Blogger Bean said...

Here's hoping for a great week!! Annabel seems to respond better when I ask her to "listen to Mama's words" instead of presenting it as "I'm the authority, and you must do what I say!"

Thanks so much for the comment on our peonies! I was so excited when they started to bloom, I actually started jumping up & down, hehe!!
Spring may come a little later up there, but the growing season is so long!! I can't wait to take our daughter up to visit all the places her Daddy loved in childhood (and see the midnight sun, northern lights, etc... it's just breathtaking!)



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