Friday, June 01, 2007
Garden plots
Last week my sister and I and some of our friends signed up for garden plots in the community garden. The Mission Garden, as it is called, is located beside the huge Catholic church in our town. Our town is known as the Garden Capital of the North and at one point the nuns and priests in our town grew all the produce that supplied the northern Catholic mission posts.

In the past few years an effort has been made to restore some of the historical buildings on site and to add a community garden to help give a sense of what it would have looked like back in the earlier part of the 20th century. You don't have to be Catholic to get a plot, you just need to enjoy gardening.

I took Hendrik for the first time about week ago. He had a wonderful time and was very excited about digging or even just sitting down in the dirt. Christen and I went to dig up some plants that had been abandoned last year by assorted gardeners and were going to be rototilled into the ground the following day. It was a salvage/rescue mission. Sadly, the rototillers got there before we did but hadn't finished the job. We were able to find a few of the plants we saw the day before.

It should be safe to start planting seeds right away but we'll have to wait until after the first full moon in June before it is safe to put live plants outside overnight without the risk of frost.

We returned to the garden last night to get a rough measurement of the plot so I can plan what I want to plant and the number of rows of each kind of plant. Hendrik had a great time playing in the dirt again and I think I will take him with me tomorrow to weed. Hopefully I can plant on Saturday.

In the picture you can see a stake on the left and a shovel on the right, that is the width of my plot. It's about 15ft wide and about 37ft long.


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