Monday, May 21, 2007
Hendrik's First Haircut
Our little guy has been two for a couple of months now and still had not had his first haircut. He was pretty bald when he was born with the exception of a faint old man fringe around the lower part of his hairline. As of late though his hair has gotten quite long in the back and only had really started to get any length up top.

Depending on the day he either had tight ringlets at the nape of his neck, a serious hockey hair look, or the wild static Einstein do. Cute, but his hair was starting to get in his eyes and bother him a bit.

After several weeks of talking about it, we went yesterday after Dwayne finished work.

It was quite the production.

Hendrik sat on the booster seat for about the first 30 seconds, then sat on Dwayne's lap for about half of the time and my dad's for the other half, while the currently non-Hendrik-holding adults were milling around taking photos, blowing bubbles to distract Hendrik, gathering curls to save for his baby book and checking to be sure Riley was still smiling, which of course, she was. (Have I mentioned that we have been blessed with THE most mellow baby EVER? It's ridiculous.) Riley sat in her car seat and gurgled and laughed and growled. Ridiculous numbers of photos were taken. Throw in a handful of videos as well...

Then it was off to show off the haircut to Grandma and Auntie Christen and Auntie Hilary.

Our camera battery was pretty much dead and the charger nowhere to be found so Dad brought his camera for all the official photos.

Here's a little slideshow of the big event:
And, I'm sure the camera charger will turn up in a kitchen drawer or with the bath toys or in a sock drawer or something!


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At 8:49 PM, Blogger The Lazy Organizer said...

Such cute kids! Look at that smiling baby!


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