Tuesday, May 01, 2007
I remember Nan...

I remember green glass bottles of 7-Up and gingerale on the door of Nan's fridge.

I remember Nan laughing heartily at Pop's antics and her exclamations of "Harry!".

I remember Nan somehow being able to sing along to hymns with us after her stroke even though she could hardly speak.

I remember Nan when I look into my new little daughter's face. After Riley was born the very first glimpse of family I saw in her was Nan. There was something about the sparkle in her eyes.

I will remember her legacy of faith and her ability to sing songs of praise amidst the most difficult circumstances.

Nan went home to be with Jesus yesterday morning. She was 103.


posted at 11:35 PM  

At 9:37 PM, Blogger Barrels said...

I think the words of the hymn are very fitting for Nan. She often talked about seeing the Lord.
Nice write-up too Jen.


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