Sunday, May 06, 2007
Today after church my husband suggested we get my mom and aunt to come over tonight and watch the kids so that he and I could go out to our land and work on a project together. I wasn't sure if I should go. I felt I had more than enough to get done at home but Dwayne really thought I should come. He was so right.

When I get frustrated about housework my biggest complaint is that it never stays done. No matter how great a job you do and how wonderful the house looks, it never stays that way. You constantly have to redo the same things over and over. It doesn't last.

Building a woodshed on the other hand - baby! I can look at it every day for the next ten years if I want to.

That's what we did this evening, we built a woodshed that will hold about half of the wood we will need to burn this winter once we move out to our property this fall. We'll have to build a second one later on to house the rest of the firewood.

Husband + chainsaw + log slabs + hammer + nails + tarp + JT21 + staples = Happy Wife

I had a wonderful time. I loved helping my husband build. I loved being outside despite the mosquitoes. It was nice to breathe in the fresh air and look up at the sky and to do something a little more physical than laundry.
All that hammering though, I don't know if I'll be able type tomorrow or not...

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