Saturday, May 05, 2007
Clean and Fresh by Jerianne Van Dijk

Today is the day. I can't stand the laundry backlog any longer. It's alternating between frustrating and depressing me. I can't find what I want and I've found a lot of items that I never wear, don't fit, etc. I've decided that we really need to pare down on the amount of clothing and bedding and linens that we have. There's just too much to keep on top of.

The goal for my clothing is to get rid of at least 2 laundry baskets full.

For the kids, I'm going to go through and keep my favourites in each size and donate the rest to our local second hand clothing store(which happens to be right below my apartment!). I'm going to keep all of the newborn to 12 month sizes though as babies go through laundry so proficiently and have grown out of their clothing each time you turn around.

My husband's clothes usually don't get kept for too long as he wears them out at his job as a mechanic. They go from wearable to the rag pile or the garbage can. :)

I'm going to retire a lot of my old teatowels and cleaning rags as well. Some of them are getting quite threadbare and I do have replacements.

I figure that if I reduce the amount of fabric items that we have overall then it will reduce the potential amount of laundry backlog.

Don't you just love laundry pictures like this?

Laundry on Balcony, Havana, Cuba by Panoramic Images

It's such a switch from the typical North American laundry experience of dark basements and bare concrete floors. The Europeans have the right idea. It looks so effortless, so clean, so beautiful. The fabulous architecture doesn't hurt either, no?


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At 5:51 PM, Blogger Lynette said...

I've been doing the same thing. Downsizing clothes, linens & cleaning out kitchen drawers. How many sets of knives, spatulas etc does one really need? It feels so good to simplifly & get rid of all the extras that aren't needed.


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