Thursday, May 24, 2007
Voila! Almost 5 weeks later...
Back in this post I mentioned that I had started painting the beat up interior entrance door to our apartment. I had one coat left to go when I wrote that post. I had one coat left to go for weeks.

The day I was supposed to finish painting I got sick. Then our 2 year old wasn't feeling too hot. Then the baby was teething. Then I was afraid of painting with the 2 year old nearby.

Yellow paint + toddler + carpet = potential disaster.

I thought of painting at night once said 2 year old was in bed. Then I was afraid of painting with myself nearby.

Yellow paint + tired 27 year old + carpet = potential disaster.

I am not known for my grace, especially while tired. Did I mention that I can also be the world's biggest procrastinator?

Today I'd had enough of looking at the paint supplies still sitting by the door and I've long tired of having to open the doorknob less door with a screwdriver or large key. (It did make the door toddler proof for almost 2 weeks before he figured it out.)

I decided to risk it and paint in the daylight with my toddler.

It went beautifully.

The little guy is really trying his darnedest to be obedient and this afternoon he was angelic. Despite the very great temptation of yellow paint and an open door (he loves to close and open doors. All-the-live-long-day.) He resisted both playing in the paint and slamming the door. After each slam he says "soft" in a whisper because he knows that's how I want him to close the door but his toddler motor control won't allow him to do so just yet.

My door is painted. I can put the knob back on tonight. Hooray!! I'll add pictures of the room tomorrow avec door knob and full view.

Edited to add: Our camera battery is officially toast. Luckily we ordered some new batteries about a week ago and they've just arrived. They are sitting in the new charger now as I type. Pictures soon but I won't promise when!

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