Thursday, June 21, 2007
A new approach...
The way I'm going about chores and getting organized is just not working for me. I decided today that I would try something new. I am working from the entrance of our apartment through to the far end which is where the living room is. At first I was focusing on the living room first but it is relatively easy to clean up quickly.

The entrance area holds our washer and dryer and has a storage hall for all our winter wear, camping/hunting gear, shoes, skates, Rollerblades, luggage etc. I think the backlog is beginning there. I don't really have a laundry room so laundry either piles up in our rooms or in the hall across from the washing machine. I'm tired of seeing laundry so I've decided to pull everything out of the storage area and reorganize it so that it can become a laundry room as well. I have a curtain that can be drawn across this little alcove so I can hide the mess if I need to. Then once that area is organized I should be better able to get the bedrooms under control again.

This is the before shot, after I hauled everything out of the storage area - tons of winter clothes, stuff to go out to the shed, sleeping bags, laundry hampers and baskets, a big box of garage sale stuff - and this was after I took the recycling outside and moved a bunch of tool related stuff out to the shop as well. The storage area is actually out of sight, just to the right of the white laundry basket. I warn you, it's scary...

I'm off to start some tuna casserole and while it's cooking I'll be tackling the entrance way jungle.

Wish me luck!

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