Monday, June 04, 2007
My poor, sweet boy! He got a humdinger of a bug bite yesterday afternoon. I noticed he had a little red bump about mid afternoon. That's nothing abnormal around here. It's abnormal if you don't have at least one bug bite by the end of the day. The rest of the day went on and his ear still had a tiny bump on it. I figured it would be gone by morning.

This morning DH brought the little guy to our bed as he left for work and Hendrik, Riley and I all went back to sleep for a while longer. When we woke up I saw Hendrik's ear. It looked like you took the ear off an elephant and glued it to the head of a small boy. The top 2/3 of his ear were about 3 times thicker than usual and his ear was sticking out at an odd angle. His ear was somewhere between hot pink and red in colour. Poor kid. Actually, it doesn't seem to bother him at all. It bothers me. Not because of how it looks but because I know how it must feel. But he doesn't complain or even seem to notice.

I called the nurse to ask about giving him some Benadryl and who told me that that would be fine but it would make him drowsy. We've spent the last couple of hours cuddled up on the living room floor watching Veggie Tales. I think I'm the one feeling drowsy though and I didn't take the Benadryl!

I love how the warning on the side of the bottle says "May cause drowsiness OR excitability." Do you get to choose?

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