Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Goodbye Old Friend
About a week and a half ago our old dog Ben passed away. He was 16 human years old, which I suppose, is about 112 dog years old. He was a fun, very quirky dog and the last of our childhood pets. It was nice that all of us kids were in town when it happened so we were all able to say goodbye and give him the usual sort of send off we used to do for all of our pets as kids. Sadly, my mom was away as her dad was quite ill at the time. Ben was really her dog most of all. Mom adopted him from the animal shelter and he, in turn, adopted her.

This funeral didn't involve a sermon or hymns this time, although it was attended by a former minister (my dad) and an almost minister (my sister Lindsey). ;) Our 2 year old helped with all of the "arrangements" and kept saying, "Funny dog. Very old. Very sick. Feel sad. One fower (flower), one fower. Nice one. One fower. Cookie for Benny. Biskeet(biscuit). Bye bye Ben. Bye bye Benny."

Here is the video my brother-in-law Micah created, complete with a Frank Sinatra soundtrack, for any of you who might be curious. Nothing gruesome, don't worry! I am in the brown tank top, my sister Lindsey is in the striped shirt, and my sister Christen is in the brown t-shirt.

P.S. When we were kids, my sister Lindsey insisted on having funerals not only for each family pet but also for each victim of our cats and each bird that crashed into the windows. Basically anything that died on our property. These were not small affairs. There were usually hymns and prayers and short sermons and flowers and grave markers. If anyone digs up yard in one hundred years they will wonder why there is a disproportionate number of critters there - mostly things the cat brought in.

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