Wednesday, July 11, 2007
WFMW - Important Documents
After one too many hunting expeditions for assorted important papers - passports, birth certificates, marriage certificate, health & dental insurance info, car insurance, etc., I decided to put all the current documents in one place, in one file. I bought a plastic file holder and put all the papers inside and I keep it on top of my fridge. I never use the cupboards up there anyway so it's not in my way and it's easy to access those infrequently used yet need-to-be-found-quickly type of documents.

Here is what my folder looks like:

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At 6:13 AM, Blogger Marcia said...

Good idea. I also keep my appliance manuals in the kitchen - that's where they're used, right?! :)

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At 9:04 AM, Blogger mistihollrah said...

I have a file folder just like that-it holds copies of my four children's immunization records, their birth certificates, current pictures, etc. It's in my bag that I carry everywhere I go...they play soccer & dance & there have been times that someone has wanted to verify their date of birth & it's right with me!

I keep the orginals in a fire proof box & I also have a scanned copy of everything on my computer in a file for each kiddo! That a way if I need a printed copy, it's easy to print it off!

At 11:01 AM, Blogger msmith said...

Great idea! I can't tell you how often we spend loads of time looking for these things- and their filed. Filed under what heading is the question. Hmmm. Thanks for commenting on my site- I love readers. Congratulations on the new life!

At 8:27 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

That is an awesome idea. I will have to do that soon!


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