Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Hendrik can read!
Recently we purchased the "Your Baby Can Read" DVD set. We have been watching it fairly faithfully with the kids and today I decided to try out the flash cards that came along with the set. Hendrik (who is 2 1/2) read the words "dog", "nose", and "clap". I was amazed. I didn't think he would have picked up words so quickly. I'm so excited that he's learning to read at such a young age. We are big book lovers at our house and it was a favourite pastime for me as a child. I have so many books saved up for our little ones once they are old enough to read them! :)

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A fun quiz

What Type of Homeschooler Are You?

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Monday, August 27, 2007
Lunar eclipse
Tomorrow night there is going to be a lunar eclipse. It will be viewed best by those living on the West Coast of the U.S. Here is the link from Astronomy magazine.

I plan on staying up to try and see it. Hopefully it's a clear night here tomorrow night! :)


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Water bomber flyby
On Saturday we went to our town's annual water bomber demonstration. They have the planes scoop up water from nearby lakes and then fly over the river where they release their load. It is quite the sight. I took a few pictures but my camera was acting up so I missed what would have been the best shot of the event. Oh well, you'll get the general idea.

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Friday, August 24, 2007
Oooh. I was a little bit sore last night. I did a prenatal workout DVD yesterday afternoon and discovered that I am so out of shape! When we were away a couple of weeks ago I picked up Leisa Hart's Fit Mama DVD. (Leisa Hart is known for the "Buns of Steel" workouts I believe.) This was the first time I had tried the workout and I quite enjoyed it. Riley was rather entertained by it all - sometimes by me and sometimes by watching the women on the screen. She sat and watched/played through it all while Hendrik was napping.

Once Dwayne got home from work I went out and got the mail from the post office. My Praise Moves DVD had arrived. Upon recommendation from Lauren Christine I thought I would give this one a try. I haven't done the workout yet but I previewed part of it tonight before I went to bed. It looks really good and I like the idea of meditating on scripture while working out. As far as I can tell right now I should be able to use this DVD during pregnancy. Hooray!


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Midwife Visit
This morning I had an appointment with my midwife. The kids came along with me and were good as gold. They were such little troopers. We also got to listen to the baby's heartbeat for the first time. :) At this age it is so fast. Today it was 152bpm!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007
I have had hair henna from LUSH sitting around my apartment for at least a couple of months now. I finally got around to doing a strand test this afternoon. I hate doing them and usually skip them altogether but after trying to dye my hair the last time I was pregnant I decided to put up with the inconvenience.

When I was pregnant with Riley I wanted to dye my hair a really nice, rich dark brown. However, it turned out blonder than when I had started. The colour looked fine on me but it was not what I had wanted or expected. Pregnancy hormones!!! This time I thought I would try a more natural route and see what happens.

For the strand test I wrapped the test section in plastic wrap. According to the directions this makes for a redder result. Leaving your hair exposed results in a browner result. I am aiming for browner but wanted to see what would happen the other route and I also wanted to protect the surrounding hair in case the colour was a no go. The wrapped section turned out a nice bright auburny shade. I am hoping that unwrapped I will get a deeper shade. I am going to dye all of my hair tonight and find out!

Here is a before picture of my messy, partially highlighted hair. (Partly due to highlights put in in March and partly due to Ontario sun a couple of weeks ago.)


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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
This is August???
Brrr! It has been a bit chilly here the last few days. For example, today our high was around +14C and our low tonight is supposed to be +5C. That's almost freezing people! It was windy today and so jackets were not optional. So much for summer...August here can mean hot or cool and occasionally give us a freak snowstorm. Maybe we'll get a break in September and have a little heat wave. Here's hoping! :)


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Monday, August 20, 2007
My kitchen to be!
Here are some pictures of the kitchen space in our log house. I still have to decide on a layout.
I have to fit in a refridgerator, stove, and portable dishwasher. I can't have an island as it will cut into the dining room/living room area. However, I have a very large dining table that could double as a preparation surface.
Any suggestions?


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Getting there...
Well, I am almost caught up on the unpacking and laundry. Some friends came from out of town for the weekend so we spent a fair bit of time visiting with them. A much happier alternative to housework! We don't get to see these friends very often - maybe once a year or so, so it was really great to get to spend so much time with them. They were staying with other friends of ours and so we all got together for meals a couple of nights. All of the couples have kids so we had one 4 year old, three 2 year olds, and a baby. Get this - not a single fight or crying about one another amongst the group of them for the whole weekend. I was amazed. The kids had a blast. The adults had a blast. What more can I say?

Poor Riley is still working on getting her second tooth. The first one came in while we Ontario, about a week and a half ago. I hope it comes soon. She's normally such a happy little soul and lately she's been so fussy and sore. :(

Hendrik is my little helper/sidekick as usual. He helped me make pumpkin muffins today and is always keen to help me start the washing machine or load clothes into the dryer. He's in that stage where the answer to everything is "NO!" but aside from that and some selective hearing issues he is a delightful little boy. I feel bad that I haven't been playing with him as much lately as I have been busy trying to get the house in order. I'm trying to do most of the cleaning etc while he is napping - partly so I can play with him and partly because it goes a lot faster if you aren't keeping one eye on a curious toddler. :)

I have to get some more organizing done around here. Paper is my nemisis. I have piles of it. I tend to hang on to papers "just in case" when in reality I don't need them at all. The paper monster also extends to books and magazines. Because we live in a remote area without a huge library nearby our family (my dad, sisters, me, occasionally my mom) tend to stock pile books. This means I have stacks of books everywhere and rarely have time to read them. I think I have 7 boxes of books right now that I don't have space for on shelves plus 3 bookshelves full and several stacks of books in various rooms. I bought magazine holders while I was out in hopes of at least getting those under control. I try to limit the amount of books and magazines I buy to those that I will read again or use for reference. That still seems to add up to a lot! In any case, I am making progress - buying less and getting rid of more.

I've decided that I need to tackle my clothes as well. I have a pile of non-maternity clothing that I have been hanging onto for several years for when I'm not pregnant and/or nursing. With me, that hasn't happened yet. I've decided to be ruthless and purge my closet as most of the clothes will be out of style by the time I will fit into them again or when they will be practical to wear.

Wish me luck!


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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Back from Ontario
Well, we are home! It was a good week but a busy one. We crammed a lot of activities and kilometers into a short amount of time. I have started posting a lot of the photos on our family photo blog Our Adventures.

Thankfully my grandfather is doing much better than expected for the time being. Almost the entire extended family was able to fly/drive in to town to celebrate his 75th birthday last Wednesday. It was wonderful. However, a day or so later we found out that Grandpa now has leukemia as well (a complication of his condition) and my grandma, mom and he were going to the city today to the cancer hospital to see what treatment might be available for him. I don't think treating it will cure the underlying condition though. I hope to find out more tomorrow when I talk with my mom.

Dwayne made great progress on our house while we were away and I am so excited about how things are taking shape. I will try to add some of those photos in the next day or so. Now I have to start thinking about things like kitchen layouts and paint colours and the like.

I am trying to unpack, get caught up on laundry, get things in the mail, sort out upcoming medical travel, etc. Lots of busy work. I'm looking forward to sitting and putting my feet up with a book. It probably won't happen for a few days but when it does it will be lovely!

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