Tuesday, September 04, 2007
House Update!
Due to my camera battery being dead I don't have any really recent photos of the house to post today which is too bad because so much has happened in the last week. The logs are sanded and stained on the exterior of the building and the chinking has been applied as well. (For those of you who are wondering, chinking is applied to the small cracks in between the logs on log buildings. It is often white or the same colour as the logs themselves.) The inside walls have also been sanded and are ready for the clear stain when it arrives in town. The parts of the house that are drywalled are ready for priming and painting. My husband bought primer this morning and is off painting as I type. I have to pick out colours for the walls now. I don't really want to do pure white as that can look really stark so I'm considering lighter colours or even tinted whites. I have to choose paint for the ceiling in the loft, the ceiling in the kitchen/dining room area, a small wall in the bathroom, and one large wall in the kitchen area.

I'm thinking of using some of the colours from my curtain fabric for the paint. Here's what the fabric looks like.

Here are the areas we will be painting. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Ceiling over the loft, open over the living room.

Kitchen wall and ceiling.

This little wall follows around from the kitchen wall.

This is the little wall in the bathroom. My washer and dryer unit will be going here. I may do something bolder here as it won't be visible from the rest of the house.


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