Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Ikea is a happy place
One of our last stops before we left Edmonton was Ikea. I have loved going to Ikea since I was a little girl but my husband had never set foot in one until a few years ago when I insisted that he come along with me. It has become one of our regular spots to go to in the city. The furniture is great and priced reasonably and the store is very kid friendly. There is a family bathroom with chairs for waiting for other family members or for nursing little ones. They have free diapers if you've forgotten them and they also keep baby food stocked in their cafeteria along with other kid friendly meals. We often eat there as the prices are excellent and the food is yummy.

This trip we picked up a couple of dressers to store the kids' clothes, six dining room chairs, a sturdy step stool, a kitchen sink and faucet, and assorted odds and ends like napkins, candles, a fleece blanket, and yummy ginger cookies.

Here we are in the cafeteria:

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