Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Napping, napping, and napping some more.
We've all been pretty draggy around here today. We managed to get out of the house to get groceries just before lunch and then after lunch we went to my prenatal appointment and checked the mail. Since then, it's been all about napping. I wanted to put the little guy to bed because he was really acting up, a sure sign of him being tired. At the same time our little girl was fussing for her mommy. So, I put Hendrik into our bed for his nap and made a little bed of quilts on the living room floor for Riley and I.

After a few minutes I went and checked on Hendrik. He was still awake but sleepy and very pitiful looking all alone in the big bed. I asked if he wanted to come and nap with Riley and I. He readily agreed. It turned out that Riley fell asleep, followed by me, with Hendrik not sleeping at all but playing with a bunch of his cars and trucks and me being too tired to be upset that he wasn't napping.

Then I awoke to find Riley awake and playing and Hendrik passed out by one of his toys. I nursed Riley and she fell asleep and then so did I.

I woke up to both kids still asleep. Hendrik woke up several minutes later and walked a few feet across the living room and decided to curl up beside his sister for another nap.

At least everyone is on the same page this afternoon! :)

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