Thursday, October 04, 2007
Feeling better
I am feeling much better this morning. Thank you for your messages! I am still tired but am cheerful. Today I am going to try to get some cooking and baking done for when we go hunting that way I won't have to cook while we're in the bush, I can just heat things up on the stove. That's the plan anyway. I also need to take the baby in to get her ears checked out to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection. She's had a cold the past week and is teething. She's been pulling on her ears but doesn't have a fever or seem to be in distress. I think perhaps Riley has just discovered that she has ears and that they are fun to fiddle with. Her brother did a similar thing around the same age.

I'm off to tidy up in the kitchen and then hopefully get started on some pumpkin and some cranberry muffins or loaves. I think I'll make some lentil soup and some moose stew tonight. I'd start now but I need a few things from the store and don't know that I have the energy to grocery shop with the littles today.

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