Thursday, October 11, 2007
Miss Potter
Well, this afternoon I FINALLY got to see Miss Potter for the first time. Once Hendrik was napping, I curled up in a blanket beside my sleeping baby girl, grabbed some milk and yummy chocolate and nestled in for a treat. What a lovely movie! I really enjoyed it both for the scenery and for the storyline. Sadly, I didn't have a chance to watch it a second time before it had to be returned to the rental store. Perhaps I will add it to my Christmas wish list.

I am a huge fan of Beatrix Potter. When I was pregnant with Hendrik I bought the entire series because I wanted to be sure that I had some good books on hand for my baby. They are a little advanced for babies, admittedly, but in my nesting pregnancy mind they were an absolute essential.

While in university I adopted a bunny that looked much like Peter Rabbit. So much so that my then boyfriend and I at the time decided that it would be fun for him to have a coat like Peter's. I picked up the fabric and we bought set to drafting a coat pattern for the bunny. My boyfriend finished his much before me (he was avoiding his schoolwork more than I at that time!) so we used his to start on the coat. It never got completely finished but Winky did wear it once and when he died I buried him with his coat as well. Perhaps it is a little silly to sew for a bunny but he was lovely, very tame rabbit who I thought deserved a coat!

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
Peter Rabbit

(On a slightly related topic - does anyone know when "Becoming Jane" will be released on DVD in North America? I wasn't able to see that in theatre either.)


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