Saturday, November 17, 2007
It's always Martha, Martha, Martha!
Have I mentioned that I love Martha? I really do. Every single project or recipe that I have ever tried from her website or one of her magazines has turned out. Not a single flop amongst them.
There seems to be a sort of unwritten guarantee of success when it comes to Martha Stewart.

Today I was looking for a recipe for an Hawaiian themed church potluck tomorrow. I headed over to her site and found this recipe for Hummingbird Cupcakes. (I'm short on time and energy so I didn't make the dried pineapple flowers for the tops.) The cupcakes are great though! I made them without the nuts just in case of any allergies.

On Friday I also picked up the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. I eagerly await it's arrival every year. It's my must have issue. Usually I skip November's issue because Thanksgiving has already come and gone for us in Canada. By the time December's issue hits the newsstand I pretty much have Martha withdrawal! I even asked to have the magazine put aside for me as only 3-5 copies of each issue are sent to our town. For those of you who are city folk, that is probably a little bit unimaginable.

This Gingerbread Town-Square Cake looks beautiful and sounds delicious. The Gingerbread Bedroom Mobile is also a cute idea for little ones.

On a sadder note, Martha's mother, Martha Kostyra, passed away on Friday at 93. She often made appearances on Martha's shows and was always such a cheerful, bright addition to the show. I'm sure she will be greatly missed.

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At 1:14 PM, Blogger Lauren Christine said...

I too love the Martha books and magazine! Have you visited the Martha craft area at Michael's Craft Store? I love it!!

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Jenny said...

I've only had a chance to go to Michael's once in the past year or so but I did have a quick browse through the Martha section. Actually, it was THE reason I went into the store... :)


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