Friday, November 02, 2007
One of those mornings...
This morning Hendrik woke me up all excited to go to his music & movement class. I got he and Riley changed and dressed and was about to put them in their jackets and warm clothes when I looked out the window. Dwayne had taken the car, and thus Hendrik's car seat with it, to work. The van was in the driveway but only had the two front passenger seats in it as it was used to haul building supplies earlier in the week. I called Dwayne at work just to make sure. It was just as I thought and the van was low on gas as well.

Dwayne offered to come and get us and the we could drop him back off at work on the way to class but by the time he would have got here, the kids got loaded up, we got him dropped back at work, I got the kids unloaded and out of their winter clothes at the Rec Center, the class would have been half over and I didn't think it was fair to interrupt a 30 minute class 15 minutes in.
Poor Hendrik was very disappointed but has recovered rather well as toddlers tend to.

To top all of this off, while I was getting everyone ready Riley fell off of our bed. Thankfully, our bed is quite low and the floor in our room is carpeted but still...

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At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Jessie said...

I hate mornings...


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