Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Making Your Home a Haven - Day 3 (Laundry Room)
Day 3 of the "Making Your Home a Haven" challenge.

Today's Challenge:

1) Refresh Your Spirit (5 minutes)

I am thankful for...
- a wonderful family, immediate and extended
- our new home
- washing machines!

STOP: Is your morning routine done? Don't move on to #2 unless it is!

2) Take Time to Plan (5 minutes)

A lot of my list is leftover tasks from yesterday that didn't quite get finished for one reason or another.

-Finish Christmas shopping
-2 loads of laundry
-Pack fragile items from living room
-Pick up birthday present for 3 year old friend
-Pack clothing
-Pack remaining items on white bookshelf
-Wash walls in entranceway

Lunch: Meat pie
Supper: Kraft Dinner (AKA Mac'n'Cheese in the US) - really gourmet tonight!

3) Do Something! (15 minutes or so)

Today we're going to focus on the laundry and laundry room. Light a candle, put on your apron, turn on some uplifting music, and get busy!

Your goal by the end of today is to have all of your laundry finished, folded, and put away.

For those of you with a laundry room or laundry area, take some time to organize and clean up this area. Wipe down your washer and dryer, check for socks and other articles of clothing behind and on the sides of your washer and dryer, and clean out your dryer lint.

Pictures to come later...


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