Friday, December 07, 2007
Making Your Home a Haven - Day 5
Today's challenge:
Today, instead of the usual challenges we've been doing all week, I'm encouraging all of you participants to make your home a haven by taking some time to spend as a family or spend some time doing something for your family. Have fun with your family! It's one of the best ways to make your home an oasis.

We are still working on packing around here and getting that done is requiring family effort! While Dwayne is finishing off the details at the new house, I am trying to get details taken care of at our apartment. I would love to have the whole living room packed and ready to go by the end of the day today.

I have to go to the lab this afternoon so the kids will get some unexpected extra time with Daddy for a bit today. Dwayne is going to come home for a while so I can go to get blood work done without hauling the kids with me.

Once the living room is cleared out tonight I'm hoping the kids and I can have some fun in the wide open space. Hendrik loves to spin and run and jump but we've told him those things should be done outside to avoid crashes with furniture, etc but it has been far too cold lately to be doing much of anything outside for any length of time. Once the room is clear I'm going to give him the all clear to spin to his little heart's content. :)

The kids had fun with their dad this afternoon during his half an hour at home. He suprised us about an hour later when he came home early from work. His boss told them they could leave half an hour early if they wanted. No need to tell Dwayne twice. :)

This evening Dwayne got the propane conversion done on our stove/oven and checked over the propane lines. The kids and I didn't get anything done. We all fell asleep together on the living room floor for a nice two hour nap! I've decided to stay up a little late tonight to do some laundry folding as Dwayne will be home tomorrow morning and I can sleep in a little. Hendrik is going to help Dwayne with some projects in the shop tomorrow morning for a bit as well.

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