Monday, December 10, 2007
Unexpected cleaning
WARNING: Not for the squeamish! ;)

Tonight(Sunday) we experienced the first true case of stomach flu in our toddler. The poor kid. We were driving home from having dinner with my dad, sister, and friend-who-might-as-well-be-our-brother and all seemed fine. As usual Hendrik didn't want to go home just yet because he wanted to look at more Christmas lights. When that didn't work, he tried for going to see planes at the airport. Still a no go as it was after 10 p.m. at this point.

We were now parked in the driveway and Dwayne had gone to unlock the front door. Less than 30 seconds after his typical toddler maneuvering he suddenly said to me, "Need a new snowsuit.". I thought that was odd. He's never said that before and he LOVES his red snowsuit. I asked, "Why do you need a new snowsuit? What happened?" I turned around to see if he had gotten the lid off of his sippy cup and spilled milk or something. While I was investigating this possibility I heard a strange gurgling noise followed by a sight I won't describe here, followed by a more pitiful repeat of, "Need a new snowsuit." Poor kid. He was a mess.

We got him inside, still buckled in his car seat, and then transferred him, still wearing his snowsuit, into the tub. He was crying by this point and saying to himself, "Don't worry," and "It's okay." Very pitiful. We got him cleaned up and he seemed his usual self until about 15 minutes later. Another bath and some carpet cleaning for me.

More normal behaviour for about 20 minutes. Yet another bath and more carpet cleaning. I figured he must be empty now.

Another 20 minutes proved me wrong. This time I got smarter and found him a bucket which he gamely used. Another bath.

One more small incident in the bucket. A quick wipe down. Poor baby.

Thankfully that seems to all and he is now sleeping soundly on his little Cars couch.

I am still doing laundry and will be for quite some time. Poor little Riley has had some variation of a bug for the past couple of days too. I'm glad we hadn't moved to our new place yet. Dealing with sickness without running hot water would not have been fun. Everything happens for a reason I guess!

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully everyone will be feeling better in the morning. The kids have both been little troopers and have been smiling through all but the worst of it.

This has been my first real experience with this sort of thing since I last had the stomach flu myself at age 12. I inherited the cast-iron-stomach gene from my dad and so this is not something that happens to me. Dwayne is pretty much the same way. I think only four phrases have come out of my mouth since this whole adventure started - "Poor baby!" alternated with "I don't know what to do!", "How do I clean this up?", or "Help!"

Lots of Google searches for me. Hooray for the internet. :)

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At 1:57 PM, Blogger Carmen said...

Can't help with clean-up tips - that's my hubby's job! However, if you sprinkle some coffee grounds around, it overpowers the smell of vomit (learned that on an airplane)!


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