Sunday, January 06, 2008
Finally enjoying home
I am loving our new home! Even though we still don't have running hot water and we still have a few air leaks to seal up and even though we have boxes everywhere it still feels more like home than our old apartment ever did. I don't know what it was about that apartment. We were grateful to have a place to live that allowed Dwayne to have a shop and allowed us very affordable rent but no matter how hard I tried to make it ours it never felt like it was.

There is only so much you can do in a rental and I didn't care for ours to begin with. It was very old and no matter what you did you could never quite get it to look clean even if you had just scrubbed all the walls and the floors. There was lots of room and lots of windows but the windows all started at chest height which made it impossible for the kids to see out of them without being lifted up or them climbing up on something. There were a lot of safety issues in that apartment too.

It is so nice to live in a place that we were able to tailor to us and to things that we like. The new place has much less floor space (to be remedied in the next house!), lots of windows, and lots of warmth. I asked Dwayne to make all of the windows in the living room low enough for little tots to look out of without having to stand on anything.

It has been so nice to observe Hendrik watching things out the window, pointing out trees and the neighbourhood dogs and the ever expanding collection of old vehicles in the yard. He also LOVES going to bed in our new house. We had been fighting with him on bedtime in our apartment for a month or two before we moved.

Riley wakes up every morning smiling and clapping as she opens her eyes and sees out the windows that run around the top of our loft bedroom.

Dwayne actually likes getting up for work despite the extra chores of bringing in firewood, loading the wood stoves and putting gas in the generator, etc and having to be up about an hour earlier. He likes to sit in his chair drinking coffee by candle light.

I am actually enjoying doing dishes. The kitchen isn't large but it is functional and I finally have sink that I can fit larger pots and pans in without a fight!

There are still a lot of organizational quirks to figure out. We will have to add more storage in the kitchen and figure out how to configure our sleeping loft better but despite all the work and disorder that we are facing now we couldn't be happier. :)

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At 7:27 PM, Blogger Lynette said...

Sounds wonderful & there is something special about having your own home. Home is where the heart is & your heart sounds full tonight.


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