Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Our evening started out with a ham dinner at Christen & Andrew's (my youngest sister and her husband). We all went our separate ways for a few hours and then gathered at our place for the rest of the evening with the addition of our friend David (he's really family). We relaxed by the fire and chatted. Riley fell asleep early on and Hendrik fought sleep with every ounce of his little being.

At midnight we toasted and talked of New Year's Eves past. David intoduced us to "Tim Tams", a yummy chocolate Australian treat complete with directions on how to do a "Tim Tam Slam". We had ours with hot chocolate, excellent if you are a chocolate lover!

We contemplated watching a movie but by about 2 a.m. we decided that we were all too tired to make it through and entire movie and everyone dispersed by about 2:30.

It was a very relaxing, enjoyable evening but I must say that I can't handle the late nights the way I used to! To top it off, both kids had one of the most restless nights for either of them to date so there were a lot sleep interuptions. I felt a little groggy all day today but it was worth it for the time spent with family and friends. :)


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