Saturday, January 19, 2008
Mystery solved!
Today our plumbing was acting up again. Now we think we know why. Dwayne remembered an incident from this summer when he was driving the loader near the vertical access pipe for the septic tank. He saw the vertical pipe move when he drove past it. His theory is that the underground drain pipe was popped out of proper alignment with the tank when the septic tank shifted due to the weight of the loader. Right now the pipe narrows where it butts up against the tank underground instead of keeping it's 4 inch diameter.

Once the ground thaws Dwayne plans to dig a hole over the affected area, cut the pipe, fit a longer length in, and secure it with a connector. Then the outflow pipe from the house will stick into the tank instead of just butting up against it. Until spring we'll probably have to do a weekly pipe check to avoid the problem. We also noticed the problem occurred after we accidentally bought 3-ply toilet paper instead of 2-ply.


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