Monday, January 14, 2008
Unwanted visitor
Last night I was hanging up wet laundry on our drying rack when I felt a tickle on the inside of my flannel pyjama pants. I thought it was probably a thread so I light scratched the pant leg and figured that would shift the thread for the time being. A second or two later I felt ANOTHER tickle. This time it had moved down from my hip to my calf. I now began to suspect this wasn't a thread. Ugh. I shook the fabric of my pants hard and lifted the cuff at the ankle and out popped some sort of wood beetle. Gross. I managed not to scream (the baby was already asleep), uttered a few sounds of disgust, and looked around for something to squish the beetle with but there was nothing appropriate in arms' reach so the little creep escaped into a crack in the floorboards.

My 2 year old thought this whole escapade was entertaining and for the rest of the time before bed he kept saying, "I have a beetle in my pants. It's yucky. Take off my pants." Thankfully, it didn't bite and it wasn't THAT big but I don't welcome insects of any size inside my clothing. Ew.


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At 12:05 PM, Blogger Lauren Christine said...


One time, I had a roach in my jammies. I only discovered this after I put them on. Horror of horrors. I absolutely CAN'T STAND creepy crawlies!!! I was traumatized for weeks! My darling daddy just laughed as I did the creepy crawly dance making sure no other bugs were on me. :)

At 7:30 AM, Blogger lindsey elizabeth g said...

Oh SICK! I would have screamed for sure. Hendrik's reaction is hilarious :) Has he had any experience with haireaters yet??


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