Thursday, February 07, 2008
2 more weeks - give or take 2 weeks...
Two more weeks to go until the baby's due date. Before I became pregnant with our first baby I thought that obstetrics was a fairly precise science. Then you find out that your due date is accurate to plus or minus two weeks. Hmmn. Not so much.
We are quite certain of our due date though and I am really hoping that the baby is not going for the "plus two weeks" side of things. :)

I had an appointment with my midwife today and she feels that all is going really well. She doesn't think the baby's birth will be imminent but likely closer to the due date. So far the trend for me consists of the babies arriving 1 day before or 1 day after their due date. The midwife gave me some more homeopathics to take over the next couple of weeks to help prepare my body for the birth. I am relatively comfortable for being so large, aside from leg cramps at night and the awkwardness of moving around, and am trying to take advantage of that by doing some chores around the house that I may or may not get to right away after the baby arrives.

Speaking of chores, I better get to work. There are dishes calling my name, Christmas decorations to pack away (still! - they've been sitting in a pile for weeks now...), a bunny cage to clean and laundry to fold and put away. No excuse for boredom today! :p

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