Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Birthday cake! At last...

It has been over a month since Riley's first birthday. On her actual birthday we were all still getting over a horrible stomach bug. Then we moved. Then it was Christmas. Then we had major plumbing issues and our oven wasn't working either. This Sunday we finally had her cake. My mom baked it at their house and the decorating was a team effort by my mom and my sister Christen, with Hendrik as their eager assistant. ("You want some icing Grandma?" = "I want some icing Grandma.")

Poor little girl. It was not her afternoon. She wasn't feeling one hundred percent and she was fussy and crying a lot. She was quite happy once everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" to her but then she dissolved into tears when everyone stopped singing. So, we sang again. She ran her finger through the icing and then wiped it on my face. We got a couple of pictures of her looking relatively happy anyway!

Later on in the afternoon she discovered chocolate. Lindor chocolate to be exact. She loved it. That happied the little girl right up. Yesterday she saw me eat a piece of chocolate and immediately tried to pry my mouth open to get to it. Another chocoholic in the family! :)

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