Saturday, February 09, 2008
A different sort of Saturday afternoon
Today I went to town alone. I haven't been doing too much alone lately, mostly because I can't haul the kids around by myself and we have been busy sorting out hiccups around here and just trying to avoid going out in the cold wherever possible. Today was VERY cold and as Dwayne didn't have anything pressing to do house-wise, he volunteered to keep an eye on the kids for me so I could go and do some errands.

It was a nice break but it took me 3 HOURS(!) to go to 4 stores that are less than 30 seconds away from each other. I am SO pregnant and SO slow right now. (Funnily enough I ran into someone who hadn't noticed before today that I was pregnant despite my being in her grocery store at least twice a week!) I think this will be my last trip to run errands alone before the baby is born. It's takes so much energy!

While I was gone Dwayne washed all of the dishes that I haven't quite been able to catch up with! It was so nice to come home to a sparkling kitchen. He even cleaned the stove top and all of the burners. :)

This evening Dwayne has made a quick trip into town and the kids and I are hanging about watching kids' cartoons, eating soup, making pudding, and painting Hendrik's cardboard box garage that we made yesterday. Everyone is looking pretty sleepy so I am going to get Hendrik and Riley ready for bed so that if they drift off before Dwayne gets home he can just carry them up to the loft without us having to disturb them too much.

Hopefully we'll be able to relax by the fire later and watch some TV on DVD.

Off I go to snuggle with my babies!

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At 12:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is auntie Joanne; and I have just been so blessed by looking at your blog of your precious family. Thinking of you all; especially you Jenny, as you prepare for baby #3. We love you all and I loved seeing how beautiful the children are; I love your home and know you will have many precious memories there. God bless you richly. Karen is in Honduras studying this semester; Jess is coming home in 2 weeks for a ubc med school interview; Praise God...even this is a great encouragement and I know the experience in nwt really added to her experiences, Reuben is 13 and awesome and John is away in california for 5 days. Love you all and sending you greetings from all us of here. Remember, you are always welcome and just let me know if you need a rush order sent from our dutch store. Love you all, Aunt Joanne for all of us.


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