Sunday, February 10, 2008
Maternity clothes
One of the more frustrating things about being pregnant for me is finding clothes that fit. Emily was wondering if I wore maternity clothes or not. Yes and no. :) I found that for the first part of my pregnancies I would wear my regular clothes and would usually switch to maternity pants before I would switch to maternity shirts as my belly would make doing up the waist of my pants very uncomfortable.

In the second trimester I definitely needed both pants and shirts in maternity sizes but found that even size smalls were baggy until I had a definite belly. I had a selection of small and medium sized shirts but found that the mediums would hang off me in the shoulders even though they gave a bit more ease everywhere else.

The challenge as I got bigger was to find a way to keep my belly from sticking out of my shirts. This pregnancy I discovered Diviine ModesTee tanks. They are long and stretchy and hold their shape very well. They are non-maternity so I just ordered a size larger than I normally would to accommodate my belly in the third trimester. They go back to their original non-stretched shape after every wash. (They actually have a sale on right now.)

Pants are another story altogether. It is almost impossible to find maternity pants that fit. They either fit in the belly and are huge in the butt and legs or they are snug in the belly and fit well everywhere else. For each pregnancy I've had one "good" pair of black maternity pants and then made do with ones that don't fit as nicely. I've had some luck at Thyme Maternity (a Canadian company but you can find items on eBay), Liz Lange Maternity (from Target originally, but again, bought on eBay), and one very expensive pair of maternity jeans bought new on eBay (Seven For All Mankind I think...they have lasted me through 3 pregnancies so far).

The last month or so I tend to spend a lot of time in loose fitting non-maternity yoga or fitness pants and, if it's winter, flannel p.j. pants around the house. Basically anything that can sit under my belly. :)

I hope that helps Emily! If you have any more questions let me know. :)

On a side note, if you want really comfy maternity and non-maternity underwear and bras check out Bravado! Designs. They also make really great nursing bras.


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At 3:28 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Oh you're a sanity saver. I love the Diviine Modes Tee site. I can't wait to order a few shirts. Right now I am still wearing my normal shirts with a long cami underneath it. My normal attire is rather casual anyway mostly shirts made out of stretchy t-shirt type material. I am still nursing my 16 month old so it makes it easy to just pull up my shirt for her. As for pants I never found anything while pregnant with her. I wore mostly skirts or comfy pants with elastic. This time I have just lived in my fleece type pants. I haven't even tried to tackle the pants thing.

Thank you so much for the suggestions. I can't wait to start looking.

Good luck with your labor and delivery. Many blessings on you and the new little one. Any day now....


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