Saturday, April 26, 2008
The Many Faces of Abby
These pictures were all taken over the period of a minute or two!


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Backyard visitors
Dwayne has been clearing trees around our house to open things up a bit and also as preventative measures for the upcoming forest fire season. We have cleared all of the coniferous trees within a 30ft radius from the house so far and will clear more as time allows. It also means we get a start on our firewood for next winter. :)

Since cutting down the jack pine and spruce trees we have had some extra company around here. Spruce grouse have discovered us! They are happily eating the needles from the tree tops which are now lying on the ground. This saves them having to fly into the trees to eat the needles. There are 6 of them that we have counted so far and they are quite content to stay around despite all of the noise we have been making and the activity in the yard. (The black poles you see are the start of the towers for our wind turbines.)

A male spruce grouse

A female spruce grouse

The grouse are not afraid of us and we have been getting as close as about 5 or 6 ft away from them without them even flinching. I imagine we could get closer but I don't want to scare them off. Each time we venture to the outhouse we do a quick head count to see who is around. So far there are 2 hens, and 4 roosters in the batch.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
First kiss
This evening I got my very first kiss from Riley. It was totally unprompted and entirely her idea. :) She was tired and needed to be held a lot this evening while we were at Mom and Dad's for a farewell potluck for some friends. On one of the many times I picked her up throughout the evening she leaned forward and gave me the sweetest kiss on the lip. Melt my heart!

Riley and I had never been apart before for longer than a few hours until I had to go to Yellowknife suddenly and stay for those 3 weeks. It took double that time for things to get back to normal once we were home. It makes me feel sad for those children who are tossed between parents at such a young age or are taken from their families for whatever reason. It must be very disruptive and confusing for them. I am so glad she and Hendrik were able to stay with Mom and Dad while we were away and I know they had a wonderful time together but the time apart from us really did have an impact on her. Riley was grinding her teeth for a while around the time we had to leave town to have Abby and I wonder if it wasn't her way of showing stress.

It is only in the last few days that I have felt that Riley and I are back to what we were before Abby was born. Those 3 weeks that we were apart we tough on both of us I think and it took a while for her to be as free or trusting with me as she was before. I wondered if it would ever be the same and I am so happy that she and I are interacting the way we did before Abby was born. Thankfully she loves her new baby sister too and often joins Abby and I for a cuddle in the chair when I am nursing Abby.

Hooray for first kisses!!!


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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Happy Earth Day!

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Monday, April 21, 2008
The Simple Woman's Daybook meme
A Monday meme from "The Simple Woman" blog. For other daybook entries click on the link below.
The Simple Woman

FOR TODAY ~ April 21, 2008

Outside My Window
...tiny little snowflakes falling, forcasted to turn into a winter storm. Freshly cut firewood, cut this afternoon in our yard. Firewood for next winter and land clearing all in one!

I am thinking...silliness is underrated sometimes.

I am thankful for and good health.

From the kitchen
...nothing too exciting today…Cream of Wheat, KD, hot dogs, applesauce, assorted munchies.

I am creating
...a semi-permanent craft space in our mail living area. If I can leave things set up there might be a chance of my getting a project completed.

I am inquire about Airmiles flights to Ontario for a visit with my extended family.

I am wearing
... jeans, thigh high cranberry coloured socks and a matching waffle weave Henley hoodie.

I am reading
...Middlemarch by George Eliot and Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery. I am craving something Jane Austen but my books are outside buried in storage.

I am hoping...that warmer weather returns soon. I’ve had enough of April snowstorms!

I am hearing
...the washing machine, the dishwasher, children playing, the Muppet Show.

Around the house
...lots of laundry hanging to dry, a pile of papers waiting to be tackled, children’s toys strewn across the living room, my little people, my hot hardworking husband.

One of my favorite things...the cast iron teapot my parents bought for me “just because”. It is a beauty. I’ll have to post a picture.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: sorting/downsizing/organizing ALL of our clothing, friends coming for supper and coffee, a farewell potluck, hopefully some sewing.

Here is picture I am sharing...

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Saturday, April 19, 2008
THOSE kind of friends
Do you have THOSE kind of friends? You know, the ones who you don't necessarily see than often, but every time you see them you can pick up exactly where you left off and it's as though you just talked with them yesterday? I am blessed to have 2 such friends here. We all have busy lives and preschool age and younger children so between cold season, vacations away, this meeting or that, or life in general, we don't connect as often as we'd like. Last night we were able to get together and it was great. We all remarked at nice it was just to pick up where we last left off. No hurt feelings or anything, just excitement at seeing one another and easy conversation. Ahhh...


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A new haircut
It never looks the same as when you come home from the salon but it is an improvement nonetheless!


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Snow, snow and more snow
Just when we thought spring was here to stay we had our first and likely, only snowfall warning of the entire season!

At 1pm this is what it looked like outside our backdoor:

About an hour later:

Two hours after that:

In the morning there was about 6 inches of snow on the roof of our car. We went from shirtsleeves to snowsuits in less than 24 hours! Oh well, we really should know that there are no guarantees of having spring weather in April after all our years of living in the north! Hendrik was thrilled though. He got to build another snowman, this time with Daddy. :) We think it looks a bit like Silly Spud (from the "Bob the Builder" stories if you are not familiar with the name).

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Carpentry 101

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"The Knack"
I love this!!

Hat tip: Stacy at Your Sacred Calling

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Friday, April 11, 2008
Stay tuned...
I haven't been posting much lately. I'm not sure why... ; )

There is a lot going on around here but not the time to blog about it all just yet. I have been taking pictures and jotting down notes to myself for when I get the chance to get caught up. Please bear with me, regular posting should resume soon.


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Here are Riley and Abby! The first picture was taken April 4th and the other two were taken March 26th. Sorry for the delay in posting these but I figured better late than never, right grandmas?


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A Promise Kept
This evening Hendrik and I made a snowman. Finally. It has been a long time coming. One of Hendrik's favourite books this winter was "Flannel Kisses" by Linda Crotta Brennan. It talks about a family's activities one winter day including using "sticky snow" to make a snowman.

All winter long Hendrik kept asking if there was "sticky snow" to make a snowman. All winter long I kept telling Hendrik that we had lots of snow but it wasn't sticky snow and that we would have to wait until it warmed up a little before we could make a snowman. Hendrik didn't forget (he never does!). He kept talking about making a snowman when it warmed up a little. It has finally warmed up a little. The snow is finally sticky enough to stick together. Today was finally the day.

Daddy kept the little girls inside with him and Hendrik and Mommy ventured outside to make a snowman. There was great excitement and a lot of rushing to and fro to find sticks for arms, buttons for eyes, jack pine cones for buttons, just the right scarf, and a mini carrot for a nose. I almost forgot to add a mouth, Hendrik didn't. More tromping through the snow to find a curved stick for our snowman's mouth. Ta-da!

Hendrik didn't really want to leave his new snow friend. He was plied away with the promise of chocolate pudding once we got inside. After coming inside he asked another half a dozen times to go back outside with the snowman. Tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning. Then there were wondering about whether or not the snowman was outside talking in the snow. It was determined that he was.

Then there was chocolate pudding.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
A conversation
Me: Hendrik, would you like to go to the dump with Daddy today to get rid of the garbage?

Hendrik: Okay. The dump was closed, now it's open.

Me: Yes, Mommy and Daddy forgot that the dump was closed Sundays and Mondays but today is Tuesday so it's open.

Hendrik: Yeah.

Me: So you'd like to go and help Daddy then?

Hendrik: I think that's a splendid idea.

That's right - the word splendid being used in conjunction with a garbage dump. By a 3 year old.

Note: We live in a rural area so we don't have garbage removal service. "The Dump" is our landfill and used to be open 24/7/365 before the town became worried about people getting hurt and suing them. It was the place to go and watch black bears and find treasures that others had tossed as rubbish - furniture, old vehicles, etc. Our official town signage calls it the "Nuisance Grounds". Sounds mighty fancy for a town who likes to go and watch bears at the garbage dump for their evening entertainment doesn't it?

P.S. "Thomas the Tank Engine" DVDs and books are to thank for the addition of the word splendid and a host of train-related words to Hendrik's vocabulary.

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