Wednesday, April 23, 2008
First kiss
This evening I got my very first kiss from Riley. It was totally unprompted and entirely her idea. :) She was tired and needed to be held a lot this evening while we were at Mom and Dad's for a farewell potluck for some friends. On one of the many times I picked her up throughout the evening she leaned forward and gave me the sweetest kiss on the lip. Melt my heart!

Riley and I had never been apart before for longer than a few hours until I had to go to Yellowknife suddenly and stay for those 3 weeks. It took double that time for things to get back to normal once we were home. It makes me feel sad for those children who are tossed between parents at such a young age or are taken from their families for whatever reason. It must be very disruptive and confusing for them. I am so glad she and Hendrik were able to stay with Mom and Dad while we were away and I know they had a wonderful time together but the time apart from us really did have an impact on her. Riley was grinding her teeth for a while around the time we had to leave town to have Abby and I wonder if it wasn't her way of showing stress.

It is only in the last few days that I have felt that Riley and I are back to what we were before Abby was born. Those 3 weeks that we were apart we tough on both of us I think and it took a while for her to be as free or trusting with me as she was before. I wondered if it would ever be the same and I am so happy that she and I are interacting the way we did before Abby was born. Thankfully she loves her new baby sister too and often joins Abby and I for a cuddle in the chair when I am nursing Abby.

Hooray for first kisses!!!


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At 2:16 PM, Blogger Keri said...

Ha! This reminds me of the stories my mom tells about bringing my brother home from the hospital. I had just turned two and I couldn't forgive her for leaving me. I wouldn't even talk to her for a few weeks. We have a great relationship now though so don't worry! ;)


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