Friday, April 11, 2008
A Promise Kept
This evening Hendrik and I made a snowman. Finally. It has been a long time coming. One of Hendrik's favourite books this winter was "Flannel Kisses" by Linda Crotta Brennan. It talks about a family's activities one winter day including using "sticky snow" to make a snowman.

All winter long Hendrik kept asking if there was "sticky snow" to make a snowman. All winter long I kept telling Hendrik that we had lots of snow but it wasn't sticky snow and that we would have to wait until it warmed up a little before we could make a snowman. Hendrik didn't forget (he never does!). He kept talking about making a snowman when it warmed up a little. It has finally warmed up a little. The snow is finally sticky enough to stick together. Today was finally the day.

Daddy kept the little girls inside with him and Hendrik and Mommy ventured outside to make a snowman. There was great excitement and a lot of rushing to and fro to find sticks for arms, buttons for eyes, jack pine cones for buttons, just the right scarf, and a mini carrot for a nose. I almost forgot to add a mouth, Hendrik didn't. More tromping through the snow to find a curved stick for our snowman's mouth. Ta-da!

Hendrik didn't really want to leave his new snow friend. He was plied away with the promise of chocolate pudding once we got inside. After coming inside he asked another half a dozen times to go back outside with the snowman. Tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning. Then there were wondering about whether or not the snowman was outside talking in the snow. It was determined that he was.

Then there was chocolate pudding.

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At 9:33 PM, Blogger Simply Scarlet said...

You are so lucky to be making a snowman in April! What I wouldn't give to have snow in Miami so my kids could play in that...and then have the chocolate pudding (or hot chocolate).


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