Saturday, May 10, 2008
A Boy and His Shirts
You know how a lot of kids have a stuffed toy or a blanket that they really love? Hendrik has his shirts. Technically they're my shirts but he has absconded them and would actually have several more if I didn't convince him that I actually do need to wear shirts.

I think it all started when he began sleeping on his own in his big boy bed. He wasn't too keen on the idea as he was used to sleeping with us for at least a portion of the night. I offered him one of my shirts as I couldn't sleep in the bed with him. He took it and has had it every night since (the blue one). Later on he decided that he should also have my green shirt. Both of these shirts are made of a silky cotton blend and any shirt that has a similar feel is one that I have to fight to keep! Many of my maternity shirts were of this composition so any chance he got he would try to convince me to give him another shirt.

These shirts are naptime and bedtime essentials and are very precious to him. Occasionally Riley will streak past him and snatch one and toddle away as fast as her little legs will carry her. She knows she's got something that her brother thinks is good and she wants in on it. This doesn't tend to go over well with Hendrik. However, on occasion when he is in a benevolent mood, he will share one of his shirts with Riley. Every day this week he has woken up and offered one of his shirts to Abby "to snuggle wif" for a little while. Very sweet.

He loves his little sisters, sharing his shirts says so.

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At 6:46 AM, Blogger Sarah Jane Meister said...

How sweet!!

It is funny the things babies can get attached to. Although mine claim nothing so personal or sentimental, neither one will go to sleep without their "special thing". David has a ratty teddy bear and pays no attention to the nice, new ones he has many of and Judah has a certain blue fleece Bun-Bun (bunny head, with a blanky attached) that is his own especial comfort item.

At 7:37 AM, Blogger Lauren said...

How sweet :-) I love the little quirks children have :-)


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