Monday, May 05, 2008
Paper trains
Our little guy loves the "Thomas the Train" series of books and DVDs and loves to reenact the stories with the train characters that he has. Those that he doesn't have we cut out of the brochure that comes with each train you purchase. Those 3 page spreads are precious to our boy and he insists on cutting out the pictures of the trains that he likes. In fact, as I type now, I am being approached. "Can you cut Edward and Henry out Mommy?" Once they are cut out they will be affectionately known as "Paper Edward" and "Paper Henry". Those little paper bits are every bit as important to him as the actual trains that he has. Dwayne and I have been driven to distraction a few times when one of his favourite paper trains has gone missing. There is great sadness from Hendrik and great persistence to find the missing train as well. Some days he will walk around with paper trains pinched in between all of his fingers on both hands. Sometimes he won't let go of them until he falls asleep! I love that he is using his imagination and it is so much fun to watch him interact with these "toys".


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