Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot
Last week I mentioned to Hendrik that he had a right hand and a left hand, a right foot and a left foot. I didn't know if really understood what I was talking about but I thought it worth trying anyhow. Today he came up to me and said, "Mommy, this is my right hand and this is my left hand. This is my right foot and this is my left foot." He had it right. I was suprised that he had remembered as I had only told him about this once. Later on I asked him to show me which hands and feet were left and right and he again did it correctly. I tried another time later in the day with the same result. "Great!", I thought. "He already knows right and left, this will helpful for getting his shoes and boots on properly."

I excitedly phoned my mom and told her the good news. She was appropriately impressed and proud of her grandchild as grandmas tend to be. :)

This evening we went to visit my parents and I thought I would demonstrate his new found left/right identification skills. I asked him to show Grandma his right hand. Lifting up his left hand he said, "This is my right hand." Then he lifted up his right hand and said, "This is my left hand."

Repeat with the feet.

Mom was pretty amused but told Hendrik what a great job he did as grandmas tend to do no matter the outcome. :)

Note to self: Pride commeth before the fall.


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