Sunday, June 08, 2008
Word of Thanks
Yesterday Hendrik and I ran some errands, including picking up an additional mosquito net to install over his bed in the loft. We had a small one over Riley's crib and then a larger one that we were using to cover our bed and Hendrik's little bed, which we had smooshed against the side of ours. Now we have one for each bed. Much easier for keeping the bugs off and out and all of that. After Dwayne hung his net up for him last night Hendrik happily exclaimed, "Thank you for my nasty mosquito net!"

Perhaps I should explain. The "nasty" adjective is tagged exclusively to the word mosquito. The mosquito net is actually quite nice, lovely in fact. Some people might even describe the whole mosquito net-draped look as romantic. However, around here they are practical first and pretty second. We have been referring to the mosquitoes as "nasty mosquitoes" because they have been chomping our poor, defenseless little people. Apparently we must call them that a lot because Hendrik never simply says "mosquito", it is always "nasty mosquito".

There has been a lot of gratitude around here for mosquito nets, nasty or otherwise. :)

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